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Yaoshania pachychilius - Panda
Yaoshania pachychilius - Panda

Yaoshania pachychilius - Panda

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Scientific name: Yaoshania pachychilus (Chen; 1980)
Synonyms: Protomyzon pachychilus (Chen, 1980)
Common name: Panda Loach
Group: Loaches
Habitat: Asia; South China, Found only in a few streams draining the Dayaoshan mountain.
Size: 5-6 cm
Biotope: Inhabits the fast mountain streams. the riffles, cascades and also the shallow pools, where the substarte is a mixture of sand and small gravel with lagrer rocks and boluders, and often some leaf litter.
Social behavior: Not aggressive, active loach, but its special requirements limit the selection of suitable tankmates. Keep them in a small group of at least 4-5 species.
Diet: Omnivorous; in nature it mainly eats algae and micro-organisms. In the aquarium it can be fed with small live and frozen foods, and quality dried foods, but it is important that their diet must contain a high proportion of vegetable matter, such as spirulina algae or cucumber.
Breeding: It has not been bred in aquarium.
Tank: Minimum 55 litres
Population: 4-5 fish for 75 litres
Decoration: Use sand or small gravel as substrate with lots of smooth, water-worn rocks and boulders. The lighting can be bright to help algae growth. They need fast-flowing and well-oxygenated, clean water so the filter turnover should be 15-20 times per hour of the tank water volume.
Temperature: 16-24 °C
pH: 6.5-7.5
Hardness: 2-15 NK°
Lifespan: 6-8 years

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