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Microdevario kubotai (Microrasbora Kubotai)

Microdevario kubotai (Microrasbora Kubotai)

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Order: Cypriniformes Family: Cyprinidae
Initially considered endemic to the northwestern slope of southern (peninsular) Thailand in the provinces of Ranong and Phang Nga but records now exist from Kanchanaburi and Tak provinces, north of the Isthmus of Kra. Type locality is ‘Khlong Phrae Sai at Ban Kreo Noi, kilometer 8 on road banching east, 32 kilometers north of Ranong on road from Ranong to Kra Buri (10°09’51″N, 98°41’11′E), Ranong Province, Thailand’.
In the Songgaria River, part of the Khwae Noi (River Kwai) drainage in Kanchanaburi an introduced population is apparently thriving, and it’s also been recorded in the Suriya ( known as Hanthayaw in Myanmar) River basin, a headwater tributary of the Salween system which flows from Thailand into Myanmar, so may yet prove more widely-distributed.
Apparently inhabits calmer stretches of well-oxygenated headwaters and minor tributaries. Such habitats tend to contain transparent water and substrates of sand, gravel, rocks, boulders and patches of leaf litter with submerged driftwood and the roots of riparian vegetation also typical features. The latter often grows thickly providing both shade and cover, plus patches of aquatic vegetation may exist in places.
In the Songgaria River the water is clear, substrate composed of fallen branches, leaf litter, gravel, rocks, and exposed bedrock forming submerged rocky outcrops around heavily-vegetated margins. Sympatric species include Rasbora rasbora, Batasio tigrinus, Badis khwae,Tetraodon leiurus, plus undescribed Rasbora and Schistura species.
In the Suriya the water is well-oxygenated,  slightly turbid and aquatic plants such as Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae and Pogostemon helferi grow in stiller parts of the habitat.  Other fishes include Parambassis pulcinella, Botia kubotai, Acanthocobitis pictilis, Schistura maepaiensis, Homaloptera modesta, Syncrossus berdmorei, Pangio fusca, Pethia stoliczkana, Crossocheilus burmanicus, Akysis vespa, Glyptothorax dorsalis, Amblyceps caecutiens, Batasio feruminatus, B. dayi, Caelatoglanis zonatus, Psilorhynchus robustus, and Tetraodon cutcutia.
Maximum Standard Length
15 – 20 mm.
Aquarium Size
An aquarium with base dimensions measuring at least 60 ∗ 30 cm is required.
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